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The Business Behind The Book Cohort 2024

​A 12-month program dedicated and designed to prepare professional women to become successful published non-fiction authors.

Begins October 2024

Our Focus is on Your Authorship and Business Success


Welcome the Business Behind the Book Cohort Program.

A program that is designed in a novel way to ensure you are prepared to become a successful published non-fiction book author.


Our work starts with focusing on you and your professional author goals, whether you work within an organization or you are an entrepreneur. We as a team of experts help you to create a stellar business book proposal that any agent and/or publisher will see the merit in. In tandem, we work with you to have a solid foundation of the business tools, resources and approaches you will need to successfully market and sell your book before it is published and ongoing.

The Cohort 

Join a small, vetted group of like-minded ambitious professional women where you along with each of them will develop and write a winning proposal using a proven step-by-step process for writing a non-fiction book proposal that sells. Additionally, you will learn how to position it for agents and editors and begin to write the book that will amplify your accomplishments, share your insights and pave the way for the next phase of your professional journey as a published author with a strong business foundation.  

What Makes Us Different 

This is a highly curated program. You will write a strong book proposal which is critical for you to become a successful published author. However, having an awesome proposal in today’s challenging business market isn’t enough. You also have the opportunity to build your book’s business at the same time in preparation for your book’s arrival to the world. To ensure you achieve both outcomes, in the program, you will also have access and exposure to professionals in the book publishing industry and business professional and experts to ensure you have a clear business path and an actionable approach to complement your published book’s rightful place in the marketplace.

IMG_0237Francine Parham Sharpen Your Skills Over Lunch Micro-Coaching.jpg

Exposure to the Right Experts 

A Team With You

Access To Their Expertise 

Business Coaching 


Published Author Connections 

What Our Program Offers You

Our goal is to ensure over the course of the 12 months that you are positioned to become a successful published non-fiction book author as a member of the 2024 Business Behind the Book Cohort. We focus on you to ensure you have:      

Your Story as an Authority  

Workshop_Telling Your Story for Maximum Impact.JPG

Your Expertise Defined 

IMG_6469Francine Parham Sharpen Your Skills Over Lunch Micro-Coaching 1 - Copy (2).jpg

Focused Connecting and Purposeful Networking 


Access and Exposure to Publishing Professionals + Business Experts 


Building Your Business While Writing
Your Book Proposal

Woman Taking Notes_WES03611.JPG

A Lasting Professional Author Community 


Our Plan to Get You Published

A Coaching Circle each month {topics include proposal writing, platform building, media training, business coaching—and more!}

A Professional Author Community + Expert Visits, Access to select agents, editors and business experts


Access to Our Professional Network and Resources

A program completion celebration to recognize and acknowledge the cohort​

WEEKLY office hours ​24-7 email support 

Your Personalized How to Write a Book Proposal That Sells (in 7 Parts + 7 Ways)

1:1 Book and Business Coaching Sessions + One Book Proposal Review 

1:1 Book and Business Coaching Sessions

A FREE PASS to the BBB Summit 2025 and an opportunity to speak on a panel


 An inaugural member of the B3 Author Book Club Beta 

The Conference

Bestselling Authors 

PR Firms


Publishers & Editors 

FrancineParham & Co.
Cohort Program Creator
Business Sponsor  


Francine Parham is a career expert and practitioner focused on female leadership and the advancement of women and women of color into positions of leadership and authority in the workplace. She has lived and experienced all the work that she and her organization do, which has positioned her as a human capital expert and practitioner. Having spent two decades in the corporate sector advancing to the position of a global vice-president in two Fortune 500 companies (General Electric and Johnson and Johnson), Francine understands the importance of having the right skills (explicit and implicit) for career success. She understands the actions needed within an organization to achieve professional success as a woman
of color herself. Francine’s experiences and being one of few Black women at her level resulted in her becoming the Founder and CEO of her business, FrancineParham & Co. As a keynote, public speaker and panelist, her topics range from workplace navigation to speaking with audiences about their leadership accountability in helping women and women of color advance professionally. Her voice has translated into her most recent book and audio book titled, “Please Sit Over There: How to Manage Power, Overcome Exclusion and Succeed as a Black Woman at Work” (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, August, 2022) focused on the concept of power and successful workplace navigation. She is also the co-author of “The Ultimate Career Pocket Guide” and a contributing author to The Memory Project, a book of collective coursework at the Columbia Journalism School, her alma mater. Francine has also written for various online outlets. She has been cited or recognized as a career expert by the Women’s Media Center, in various published books as well as, shared her career advice in interviews for print publications and podcasts. She is the proud mother of a son who supports and partners with her in all that she does to advance women and women of color in the workplace.





A 12 Month Accelerator
Coaching Sessions 
Vetted Industry Experts
Completed Business Book Proposal

Cohort Program Facilitator 

Bethany Saltman.jpg

Bethany Saltman is the author of Strange Situation: A Mother's Journey Into the Science of Attachment (Random House 2020), a bestselling book coach for women and co-host of BOOKBOUND: The Podcast. Bethany Saltman still can’t believe she gets to write and work with books for a living. Her critically acclaimed first book, Strange Situation: A Mother’s Journey Into the Science of Attachment (2020, Random House) was named one of the Top Science Books of 2020 by New Scientist, has been published in five countries, and is included in psychology syllabi around the world. As a bestselling book coach and co-host of the Bookbound podcast, Bethany is obsessed with the art of the non-fiction book proposal and with helping women claim their author-ity. She is also a Brown-University certified leadership coach, and lives in the Catskills of New York with her husband, teenage daughter, and their two standard poodles.

Client Testimonials

daisy auger-dominguez.jpg

C-Suite Executive 

“Writing a book can feel lonely and disorienting. I'm incredibly fortunate that Bethany Saltman came into my life precisely when I needed her most, when I had a proposal that my agent and former editor couldn't see as a potential book. After just three sessions of us working together, I changed the approach and the proposal sold. Now we're working together as I breathe life into my second book.

–Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Author of The Inclusion Revolution and the upcoming
From Burnt Out to Lit Up and C-Suite Executive



NY Times Contributor and Medical Expert 

"Bethany helped our team get clear on a number of thorny issues. She is professional, direct, and excels in the space of holding difficult conversations and exploring issues around power, identity, ownership and authenticity. I've you're facing a tough decision as a woman entrepreneur, Bethany's superpower is holding the space to help you get clear on what your next steps need to be." 

—Dr. Pooja Lakshmin MD

Author of Real Self Care, Founder + CEO of Gemma



Bestselling Author 

Bethany Saltman has partnered with me for three books, first helping me land deals with major publishers, and then as a writing guide. All   three are bestsellers. What I have by hiring Bethany is a strategist. First she pushes me to map out the big picture of my brand before diving into   the details, and provides coaching, asking me tough questions to keep me on task. The result is a clear idea and direction of brand and platform, which helped me land the books as well as compelling   consulting projects and keynote speaking gigs. Bethany is a true   partner.”

  —Erica Keswin, M.B.A Bestselling author of Bring Your Human to Work,   Rituals Roadmap, and The Retention Revolution, workplace strategist and   keynote speaker.

under + CEO of Gemma

Our Cohort Advisory Team (Stay Tuned for Updates)

Pacific & Court-Kourtney Jason Headshot 2_JPG.jpg.webp

President, Pacific & Court 

Kourtney Jason is the president and co-founder of Pacific & Court, an award-winning Brooklyn-based publicity and digital marketing firm that specializes in promoting independent authors and publishers. With more than 13 years' experience as a publicist, she has worked with and represented celebrities, world-renowned chefs, and bestselling authors. She led the in-house publicity departments at Ulysses Press and Time Inc. Books, and further honed her strategic communications skills at Bread & Butter and Smith Publicity agencies. Since its launch in 2021, P&C's publisher clients have included Ulysses Press, KeyPress Publishing, Jesse B. Creative, The Collective Book Studio, Rocky Nook, Dzanc Books, and more. She's secured coverage for clients in top-tier national media that includes the TODAY show, Associated Press, People magazine, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN, Oprah Daily, Salon, Reader's Digest, and much more. Her past work includes high-profile authors such as country music icon Martina McBride, actress Valerie Bertinelli, chef Todd Richards, TODAY’s Siri Daly, New York Times bestselling authors Syd and Shea McGee (of Studio McGee) among many others. She is the author of five non-fiction books, including Lights Camera Booze: Drinking Games for Your Favorite Movies, which was included in the Academy Awards swag bags. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Marissa Eigenbrood.webp

President, Smith Publicity  

Marissa Eigenbrood, President of Smith Publicity, one of the industry’s leading book publicity and marketing agencies, leads a dedicated team in empowering a wide array of literary voices, from established publishers to innovative hybrid presses, and from independently published debut authors to influential keynote speakers and industry luminaries. With a commitment to lasting impact, she develops captivating book launches while strategically guiding authors towards cultivating a robust and enduring presence in their respective fields. Marissa's fervor for championing authors and shaping their expert platforms underscores her mission to redefine success in the ever-evolving landscape of publishing. 

Bridget Thoreson-1.jpeg.webp

VP of Operations, Ulysses Press


 Bridget Thoreson is the Vice President of Operations at Ulysses Press, and a co-founder of Pacific & Court. She holds a BA from Fordham University in Journalism and Sociology and an MBA from Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. Bridget has spent nearly fifteen years in book publishing, holding various positions in marketing, operations, and editorial at Ulysses Press, The Institute of Engineering and Technology, and McGraw-Hill Education. She spent three years on the executive board of New York Women in Communications, and has written three nonfiction pop culture books, USA Today bestseller The Unofficial Hocus Pocus CookbookThe Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook for Kids and XOXO, A Cocktail Book





A 12 Month Accelerator
Coaching Sessions 
Vetted Industry Experts
Completed Business Book Proposal

The Results You Can Expect

Green and White  LinkedIn Header (1)_edi

While working to become a published is never an automatic or an easy path to your overall professional success; your career path; or with becoming a successful business owner, our commitment is to make the path forward as achievable as possible. We do this by delivering what our program is designed and set out to do - to help you become a published author and leverage your book as a key component of your overall success.

We are focused on the outcomes and call this, “The Results”.

So, what are the results we want your participation in the Business Behind the Book Fall Cohort to yield for you? In one sentence...

We want to help you to become a successful published non-fiction book author. 

Allow us to demonstrate that your goals are the outcomes that we both share in and want by participating in our highly curated and focused Business Behind the Book Cohort 2024.  Let's work together on getting you the following:

Increased credibility as a thought leader via your published book.

Growing your reputation based on reliable knowledge that organizations and individuals seek to learn and need to hear from you.

Being known as an authority in your area or industry as a subject matter expert.

Building the engagement of a community aligned to your ideas and work to move a defined agenda that you are passionate about, and the world needs to hear.

Having an opportunity to leave a legacy based on your ideas and thoughts for others to build upon.  

And Just in Case You Need Additional Help with Your Book…

We can help you there too. If you think you will need additional assistance that may be beyond The Business Behind the Book Cohort Program design, please let us know. We have additional curated and workable solutions for you. Solutions that range from partnering with you even closer to ensure you have a successful published book to allowing experts to take the lead in ghostwriting your book for you.

Know that we are clearly focused on helping to achieve your book publishing goals and it truly does take a team with a variety of skills and expertise to help you.

Please reach out directly to us with your inquiry by calling and leaving a voicemail at (732) 419-3186.

Cohort Registration

Ready now to invest in your book?
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